In interior design, LasserLivian is the image of balance. Clean lines, clear and distinct environments, perfection in details. This is an innovative paneling with magnets. A technically advanced solution that provides professionals a new threshold of efficacy, adaptation and accuracy in assembly.



LasserLivian installation is simple and accurate, a key benefit and a major reason for the choice of the professional. Its great advantage is that it avoids making major works and batter. Assembly is quick, clean and safe. In addition, the removable panels allow easy access to electrical and water facilities.




The system provides acoustic and thermal insulation, and its further development will include lighting and temperature applications. For maintenance, cleans with agility, requires minimal maintenance and to be composed of tempered glass, it is very safe.



LasserLivian combines the aesthetics of light, warmth and harmony. Also, can be singled out by a variety of finishes, colors and designs that open many decorative possibilities.



The system is characterized by its natural adaptation to any type of space: bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, kitchens and environments such as spas, swimming pools, gyms, hotels and catering establishments and other entertainment venues.




lasserlivian is a patented product.